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Golden Chain Gets Tropical Fever

6 December 2017
Australia’s largest motel group, Golden Chain, is set to release their latest accommodation guide and it’s coming complete with over 20 new member properties and a contingent of brand new tropical locations.  Having already established the group in the Oceania and South East Asia with member properties in Vanuatu and Indonesia (Bali and Java), Golden Chain’s latest additions include the Cook Islands, Samoa, Fiji and another two properties in Indonesia (Bali and Sulawesi).

"We’ve had a very good response in the last 6 months from independent operators looking for support and engagement that doesn’t overreach their own needs, or try to overtake their identities.”,  commented Golden Chain’s General Manager, Michael Georgeson. 

"We are particularly pleased to be engaging with those off-shore destination members in the islands and see great potential for them to leverage off our group and for the group to benefit from their contribution.  The appeal to them, as well as most of our members, is the cooperative model bringing support with it rather than instruction.”

The relationship with those island and tropical locations is about to hit centre stage with Golden Chain’s guests who will have the opportunity to win weeklong holidays in three of the groups island destinations.  Golden Chain’s long established, Heart of the Country, competition has had a major overhaul and the group is taking prizes offshore to Indonesia, Vanuatu and Norfolk Island. 

“It’s a fitting time to make this change and we’re also increasing the chances of guests winning by giving them one night – one entry, previously it was 3 nights.  There’s 3, week-long trips including airfare as first prizes over the next year to those destinations and then more accommodation, flights and other prizes included.  We’re hoping it’ll be a great incentive for our guests and of course our member properties get to offer prize incentives for their direct guests that they could not afford to do on their own.  It’s just one of those brand benefits we can deliver as a cooperative."

Golden Chain is well established in the industry as a group able to deliver a strong brand relationship and benefits to members without many of the trappings operators find it difficult to absorb.  “We take the word ‘cooperative' very seriously.  It’s what we are and we endeavor to respect that model in every decision.  It allows our members the capacity to engage to a level, which is comfortable to them, suits their own business needs and local demands.  This seemed to be a highly important part of engaging with the island properties who have practices that simply would not gel well with a more prescriptive model like a franchise.”

Michael Georgeson
General Manager
02 9211 2377 / 0400 445 34


Australia’s largest motel group, Golden Chain, is set to release their latest accommodation guide.

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