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MemNet Self Service is not available.

Dear Member, 

As a part of our ongoing efforts to deliver high quality service and ensure accurate member details we would appriciate you taking the time to ensure your information is up to date by editing you details and the details associated with your property if you are the primary contact.  All registered representatives of a property may edit their own details whilst only the primary contact person for your property may adjust the property specific details.  This facility is available when a representative logs in to the “My Membership” facility via the link below.
This facility will allow the primary designated property contact, to view, update, add or edit the details we have for your property including:
  • Contact Details – address, phone, email, mail etc. - anyone can update their own
  • Basic Human Resources data – number of staff (FT, PT and Casuals) - restricted to primary contact
  • Operational / facilities information – pools, spas, restaurants etc. - restricted to primary contact
  • Member Directory - restricted to primary contact
  • View Other property contacts - restricted to primary contact.  Click here for a form to adjust registered contacts at your property.

You will also be able to see which other staff at your property are authorised representatives of your property's membership.  It is impoirtant that this is kept up to date to ensure maximum value and benefit from you membership.

NEW MEMBERSHIP BENEFIT - Member Directory (click here to see the Beta Version)

The Association will soon be launching a member directory available from the Accommodation Association website.  We will be implimenting this additional benefit to assist the number of consumers who contact staff looking for accommodation and to take advantage of the number of consumers who consult the Association website for assistance.  This is a simple directory style service which is free of any additional costs to members and is commission free as well.

The information we have for each property will be securely stored on the site. The primary contact for the property is the only individual who has editing access to the HR, Operational data or Membership Directory.  All other authorised representatives will be able to edit their own contact details. If the primary contact needs to be changed please contact the Accommodation Association on 1300 304 397 to address this.
You have now entered the Members Only area of the website.  If you wish to review your Membership information, please click on the "My Membership" button below.
Alternatively, you can send us a secure message by clicking the "Contact Us" button.
Yours Sincerely,
Richard Munro
Chief Executive Officer  
Members of the Accommodation association of Australia are reminded of the rules of the association and the terms and conditions of joining the Association.