About the Accommodation Association

The Accommodation Association is the peak industry group established in 1969 and is now the largest representative association for the Accommodation Sector in Australia. In 2020 the Accommodation Association now represents over 80% of all known accommodation providers ranging from small regional motels, caravan parks and the largest hotel groups in world including Accor, Hilton, Wyndham Destinations and IHG.

We were established by our founding members as the Hotel Motel & Accommodation Association, to provide support to owners and managers of accommodation properties and to ensure all levels of government understand the importance of the sector to the economic wellbeing of Australia. These core principles continue today and our membership now includes hotels, resorts, serviced apartments, motels, bed & breakfasts, guesthouses, backpacker establishments, caravan parks and timeshare properties in metropolitan and regional Australia. This diverse membership ensures our advocacy positions are truly representative and member services focused to assist in delivering a sustainable future for our sector.

The objectives for which the Accommodation Association is established are:

  1. To keep business open and competitive.
  2. To effect a thorough organisation of interests embraced by members with a view to improving the conditions of the industry in every proper and lawful manner.
  3. To promote the interests of the members in the Association throughout the Commonwealth of Australia and its territories and/or abroad.
  4. To improve within Australia and/or abroad the relations of members of the Association between themselves and kindred Associations.
  5. To secure to the members of the Association all the advantages of unity of action, and to protect the interests of members in any lawful manner whatsoever in all matters relating to the said industry.
  6. To accept affiliation or membership of, or to affiliate or become a member of any Association having kindred or like interests to this Association or as may be determined by the Council.
  7. To discuss and consider questions and matters concerning and affecting the common and separate interests of members, to collect and disseminate from time to time information on matters affecting such interests and to print, circulate and publish such papers, books, magazines and circulars and carry on such literary undertaking as may be conducive to these objects.
  8. To petition Parliament on any matter affecting the Association members collectively or individually and to communicate the opinions of the Association separately or unitedly to any Government or to the various Departments thereof by letter, memorial, deputation or otherwise.
  9. To originate and suggest amendments to the laws affecting the interests of members and to support and/or oppose alterations therein and to endeavour to effect improvements in administration and to promote and/or oppose legislation and other measures affecting such members and to take such steps and proceedings as may be deemed expedient to the interests of members.
  10. To purchase, sell, lease, mortgage, charge, exchange, or otherwise dispose of any real or personal property as may be determined by the Council and to apply both capital or income therefrom and the proceeds of the sale or mortgage thereof, for or towards all or any of the objects herein specified.
  11. To borrow, raise or give security for any money on such terms as the Association may think fit.
  12. To invest and deal with the funds and moneys of the Association in and upon such securities and investments and in such manner and on such terms and conditions as may from time to time be determined and from time to time vary and release such securities and investments.
  13. To establish and to accept Trusts having for their objects the welfare and benefit of any member or members, their dependants, or to enable the Association to more effectively attain the objects herein mentioned.
  14. To pay out of the funds of the Association all expenses of or incidental to the formation and management of the Association or carrying out of its objects including the payment of salaries to persons employed.
  15. To take such action as may be necessary or advisable to regulate and determine the rates of pay and conditions of employment of employees of members or of employees in the industry, either under the Fair Work Act 2009 or under the laws of the several States or Territories of the Commonwealth or otherwise.
  16. To take such steps as may be necessary to effect registration of the Association as an organisation of employers for the purpose of the Act and any other legislation involving matters of interest to its members.
  17. To do all such lawful acts and things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.
  18. The Association may involve itself or its members in any form of regulation of terms of sales and/or prices of any products and may enter into any arrangements which may require registration within the terms of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Commonwealth) or any other like Act of any of the States.

The Accommodation Association is governed by a fiduciary National Council & Councillors are nominated by Full Members who operate an Accommodation Facility in Australia. The Directors are responsible for providing leadership and strategic direction for the Association to ensure member value is delivered. The operations of the Association are managed by the CEO with support of a dedicated team focused on delivering successful advocacy and value to each of our members.

We engage our members and provide opportunities for them to influence outcomes affecting their businesses by facilitating information to Government and other organisations. As an Association we embrace the principle of ‘informed advocacy’ and our members provide essential input to ensure our advocacy is of the highest quality and credibility. We build relationships with industry leaders, media, politicians and public servants to ensure the issues affecting our sector are recognised  and subsequently addressed.

The Accommodation Association’s role within the tourism industry involves addressing major issues impacting on the operation of all accommodation providers at both a State and Federal level. The Association prides itself on being focused to support the continued growth of the sector and the critical role of the regulated accommodation has in the overall success of the tourism industry.

The Accommodation Association of Australia (Registered Organisation) Registered Organisation, is a registered organisation of employers entitled to act as a representative body for the tourist accommodation industry with the Fair Work Commission (FWC).

Accommodation Association of Australia (Registered Organisation) is an independent association affiliated with the Accommodation Association and acts on behalf of the Accommodation Association in relevant matters as appropriate.

The Accommodation Association acts on behalf of Accommodation Association of Australia (Registered Organisation) in the assistance of matters of governance and administration.

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