COVID-19 Training Program


The Accommodation Association is offering our members COVID-19 training programs. Be one step ahead and give your customers the confidence that your staff have had COVID19 training and understand protocols needed to ensure safety for everyone.

The training offered through the Academy can complement your current internal programs as there are many different types of training options for further information please click below


  • infection prevention and control procedures
  • hand hygiene and care of hand
  • use of personal protective equipment
  • handling of waste
  • enforcing clean and contaminated zones
  • limitation of contamination
  • surface cleaning
  • personal and hand hygiene:
  • how to hand wash
  • non-clinical moments for hand hygiene hand care, including guidelines on maintaining intact skin, fingernails and jewellery/watches
  • use and scope of personal protective equipment guidelines for:
  • glove use
  • wearing gowns and waterproof aprons
  • wearing masks
  • surface cleaning
  • cleaning procedures and their specified times
  • routine surface cleaning
  • managing a blood or body fluid spill
  • sharps handling and disposal techniques
  • types of hazards in the work environment and associated risks and control measures
  • basis of infection, including:
  • bacteria and bacterial spores
  • key modes of disease transmission – contact, airborne and droplet:
  • risk of acquisition
  • sources of infecting microorganisms including persons who are carriers, in the incubation phase of the disease or those who are acutely ill

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