Coronavirus (COVID-19)

This information is correct as of 23 June 2021

The Accommodation Association is working with all State and Federal authorities to ensure there is clear and timely information available to members as Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues. Members and travellers should know that Australia has well-established procedures to ensure people with illnesses travelling into the country are detected at the border. Australia already requires passengers who show signs of an infectious disease, including fever, sweats or chills, to report their illness to aircrew and this function is undertaken by Biosecurity Officers at the point of arrival so they can be assessed.

Summarised information available to members

Information available on this page

State Budgets 2020 - 2021

State Budgets 2021 - 2022

Government Stimulus and Restrictions: 

Health Orders 

Greater Brisbane enters 3-day lockdown (29 March 2021)

Greater Brisbane will enter a 3-day lockdown from 5pm AEST Monday 29 March to 5pm AEST Thursday 1 April. From 5pm 29 March 2021, people who have been in the greater Brisbane region since the 20 March 2021 will be subject to home confinement restrictions. More details here.

Victorian Easing of Restrictions from 6pm, Friday 26 March 2021 (23 March 2021)

The Victorian Government has announced that Victoria will further relax its COVIDSafe Settings from 6pm, Friday 26 March 2021. Please click here for the summary for accommodation operators. 

Victoria enters 5 day lockdown (12 February 2021)

The Victorian Government has announced that the state will enter a five day lockdown from 11.59pm today, Friday 12 February 2021 to 11.59pm, Wednesday. 17 February 2021.

The Government have advised for all Victorian operators apply a “Common Sense Approach” for the 5-day lock down. The objective is to reduce the amount of people moving around.

Click here for the statement from the Premier; here for the table of restrictions and here for aditional advice relating to guest bookings.


Important alert about new Hotel Quarantine case in Victoria (03 February 2021)

New statewide restrictions come into effect from 11:59pm, 3 February.

  • The limit on the number of people gathering in a household will be reduced from 30 to 15, meaning the household members plus 15 visitors (excluding children under 12 months of age).
  • Masks will be mandatory in public indoor spaces. If you have visitors in your home, it is strongly recommended that masks are worn during the visit. Masks must be worn in indoor public spaces apart from when eating or drinking. If you are planning to leave your home – take a mask.
  • The 75 per cent ‘return to work’ cap in both public and private sectors scheduled for Monday 8 February will be paused and the current cap of 50% will remain in place.

Update on office workers and face masks in Victoria (15 January 2021)

From Monday 18 January 2021, more office workers will be able to make a partial return to the office. Please click here for office workplace guidance, including the return to work cap and record keeping requirements, and updated advice regarding face masks.

Victorian Travel Permit System (12 January 2021)

Premier Daniel Andrews has announced a new permit system for all domestic travel into Victoria. Click here for details of the new permit system which started from 5:59pm on Monday 11 January 2021.

Extension of Commercial Tenancy Relief in Queensland and Victoria (24 December 2020)

The Accommodation Association has been working hard with Governments around Australia to extend the commercial tenancy relief. The Governments of Victoria and Queensland have extended their programs. Please click here for Queensland details and here for Victoria details

New South Wales and Border Restrictions (21 December 2020)

The NSW Premier and Health Minister announced today that a new Public Health Order for the Greater Sydney regional (including Blue Mountains and Central Coast LGAs) will come into place as of midnight tonight and last till midnight Wednesday (23 December). This is to help NSW Health keep on top of the current COVID cluster and prevent any further large seeding events. 

Please click here for 

  • Details of the new Public Health Orders which come into effect tonight
  • Northern Beaches LGA Public Health Order which came into effect 5:00pm on Saturday 19 December
  • Implications for Travel as at midday 20 December 2020 to other States and Territories 

JobMaker Hiring Credit Rules are passed (07 December 2020)

Please click here for an update that outlines

  • the eligibility requirements for employers and employees
  • the registration process, and
  • provides a link to the Explanatory Statement for the new Rules


Public Holidays - Christmas & New Year 2020/21 (07 December 2020)

Please click here for the information sheet, including a summary of the main public holiday entitlement for employees and temporary JobKeeper conditions.


Easing of Restrictions in New South Wales (07 December 2020)

Please click here for a summary of the changes to restrictions as of 07 December.


Easing of Restrictions in Victoria (07 December 2020)

Please click here for a summary of the easing of restrictions. 


Victoria's Last Step Restrictions (23 November 2020)

From 23 November 2020, Victoria will move to the Last Step in the roadmap towards reopening. Click here for full details. 


Update on South Australian COVID Restrictions (23 November 2020)

Please click here for more information on the restrictions that came into effect on 22 November 2020. 


JobMaker Hiring Credit (17 November 2020)

The JobMaker Hiring Credit is a key part of the Government’s JobMaker Plan and was announced in the 2020-21 Budget.  Please click here for an update of the Government's JobMaker Hiring Credit, inclusive of

  • Eligibility requirements for employers and employees


Easing of Restrictions for Victoria (09 November 2020)

From Monday 09 November 2020, there is an easing of restrictions for Victoria. You can view the Premier’s statement here; a summary of the Third Step in our roadmap to easing restrictions here and the Accommodation Association's summary here. 

QLD Premier's Announcement on Border Openings (30 October 2020)

On 30th October 2020, the QLD Premier and Minister for Trade Annastacia Palaszczuk announced that residents of New South Wales, except for Greater Sydney (32 Local Government Areas), will be allowed to enter Queensland from 1am on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

Click here for specifics relating to the announcement.

Key Requirements to Reopen in Victoria (27 October 2020)

The recent announcement by the Premier follows months of advocacy and a coordinated media campaign to get Victoria Open and over the coming weeks you will see some of the amazing work we have been doing on your behalf to rebuild Victoria;s brand.  

We have also developed a summary of the key requirements you need to be aware of as you start to reopen. 


Federal Budget 2020 - 21 Economic & Fiscal Outlook (07 October 2020)

The Federal Budget has been released. The 2020-21 Budget includes $98 billion in response and recovery support, including $25 billion under the COVID-19 Response Package and $74 billion under the JobMaker Plan.

Please find attached the Accommodation Association's summary of the key measures that support the Tourism and Accommodation Sector 

Updated Coronavirus Economic Response Package (21 September 2020) 

This Member Alert provides further clarification of the JobKeeper Extension outlined in the Rules released on the 16 September. It also outlines further changes to the Fair Work Regulations from 18 September to support the continued operation of the temporary JobKeeper workplace flexibilities for employers impacted by COVID-19.

Please find attached the Accommodation Association's update on the changes to JobKeeper eligibility, updated ATO advice and amendments to the Fair Work Act.

Regional Victoria moves to Step 3 (16 September 2020)

The Victorian Government has announced that it will move into the third Step of the Government’s reopening roadmap from Thursday 17th September.  Regional Accommodation will be open in time for the school holidays.

Click here for a summary of key meaasures

Update on the Accommodation Association's activities in Victoria (15 September 2020)   

Since the start of the pandemic, the Association has been in regular contact with the government. Over the past fortnight we have been active in participating in the Victorian reopening Industry Roundtable discussions and meeting with the Minister’s office. This engagement will continue in order to ensure the Industry’s specific needs are heard.

Click here for further details.

Extension of JobKeeper post September 2020 - Further Amendments Announced (07 September 2020)

The Coronavirus Economic Response Package (JobKeeper Payments) Amendment Bill 2020 received assent of the 3 September 2020. The amendment Bill consists of the following changes:

  • Schedule 1 - This amendment facilitates the JobKeeper scheme being extended to 28 March 2021.
  • Schedule 2 - This amendment makes substantive changes to Part 6-4C of the Fair Work Act by creating two broad categories of employers who can access particular flexibilities from 28 September 2020

Please find attached the Accommodation Association's update on the changes to JobKeeper eligibility, updated ATO advice and amendments to the Fair Work Act.

Road to Recovery in Australia - Update on State Measures (10 August 2020) 

Please find attached the Accommodation Association's update on 
1.    The three step plan to establish a COVIDSafe Economy;
2.    Updated information from the States and Territory on the implementation of their plans ; 
3.    Links to the Public Health Orders and relevant websites.

In line with the advice from National Cabinet, all states will charge a fee for those entering mandatory government-designated accommodation.

Importantly all States and Territories are reinforcing the importance of having a COVIDSafe Plan for all hospitality businesses. COVIDSafe Plan templates are available both on individual State websites and the SafeWork Australia website.

Extension of JobKeeper post September 2020 - Further Amendments Announced (07 August 2020)
In response to the current situation in Victoria, the Federal Government has announced further changes to JobKeeper 2.0, to ease the eligibility criteria.

Please find attached the Accommodation Association's update on 

  • The changes to the eligibility criteria for employers
  • Link to the Treasury Fact Sheet

Advice on Victoria's Lockdown Restrictions (05 August 2020)

Advice to members in Metro Melbourne, including a step by step guide and key questions factsheet, and Regional Victoria on the Government's restrictions.

More information here.


Further Victorian Lockdown Restrictions (03 August 2020)

The Victorian Premier has announced that Victoria would implement stage 4 restrictions for Metropolian Melbourne and Stage 3 for Regional Victoria, including Mitchell Shire LGA. This will be in place for the next 6 weeks (until Sunday 13 September 2020), effective from 6pm, 2 August 2020. 

Please find attached further details on the restrictions.

Road to Recovery in Australia - Update on State Measures (24 July 2020)

Please find attached the Accommodation Association's update on

  1. The three step plan to establish a COVIDSafe Economy;
  2. Updated information from the States and Territory on the implementation of their plans ;
  3. Links to the Public Health Orders and relevant websites.

Extension of JobKeeper post September 2020 (21 July 2020)

Please find attached the Accommodation Association's update on 

  • The introduction of JobKeeper 2.0 inclusive of the introduction of a two tier payment system and reduced payment amounts.
  • Eligibility rules for employers and employees
  • Links to Treasury Fact Sheets
  • JobSeeker update

Victorian Business Support Fund Announced (13 July 2020)

Please find attached the Accommodation Association's update on 

  • An outline of the Business Support Fund
  • the eligibility criteria for the Business Support Fund
  • Payroll tax deferral scheme extended
  • $40million for regional tourism businesses, further to the $5million regional Tourism Accommodation Fund for cancellations from Stay at Home restrictions.

Road to Recovery in Australia - Update on State Measures (01 July 2020)

Following from the announcement by the PM of the 3-step plan to establish a COVIDSafe Economy by July 2020, the States and Territories have provided updates on their individual measures and time frames. In many cases the States and Territories have chosen to implement a 4 or 5 step plan subject to individual state Health recommendations. 

Please find attached the Accommodation Association's update on 

  1. The three step plan to establish a COVIDSafe Economy by July 2020
  2. Updated information on the States and Territory implementation of their plans 

In particular we welcome the announcement by the Federal Government on Friday on the easing of physical distancing restrictions with recommendations to move from 4sqm per person to 2sqm per person. The Association has been active in providing our submissions and modelling to government to assist in driving these changes.

Safe Work Australia new COVID-19 work health and safety guidance for Accommodation Services (22 June 2020)

Please find attached the Accommodation Association's update on 

  • Summary of the measures in the Guide inclusive
    • Worker and customer hygiene measures
    • Cleaning requirements inclusive of how often, products to user, procedures and worker protection
  • The importance of having an emergency plan and guidelines on development of a plan

Fair Work Commission announces Minimum Wage Increase (19 June 2020)
The Fair Work Commission today announced that the national minimum wage will rise.
Click here to view the Association's summary and response. 

Road to Recovery - Update on State Measures (03 June 2020)

This resource includes updated information on the States and Territories implementation of the 3-step plan.


Road to Recovery Announcements (12 May 2020)

This resource outlines:
1.    The three step plan to establish a COVIDSafe Economy by July 2020
2.    State implementation of the 3-step plan 

Mandatory Tenancy Code of Conduct for businesses impacted by COVID-19 (04 May 2020)

This resource outlines:

  • The key principles of the Code;
  • State and Territory Legislation and Regulations that have been enacted to provide rental relief;
  • State and Territory Land Tax relief measures.

Update on JobKeeper Measures (29 April 2020)

This resource contains details on the following -

  • Further clarification of the operations of the rules, including employees employed through a special purpose entity, rather than an operating entity; and the 'one in, all in' principle;
  • Updated legislation that clarifies the ATO alternative decline in turnover tests for the purpose of receiving JobKeeper payments;
  • Extension of time for businesses to enrol for the JobKeeper scheme and pay their employees to 8 May. Please note that this will not delay your ATO April payment
  • Hotlines for CBA, NAB, Westpac and ANZ and other banks for businesses to receive bridging finance.

JobKeeper Payments and Payroll Tax Incentives (23 April 2020)

This resource contains details on the following - 

  1. the tax implications of the JobKeeper payments;
  2. A summary of the State and Territory COVID-19 Payroll tax incentives.

Update on JobKeeper and Visa Holders (20 April 2020)

This resource contains details on the following:

  • Application for JobKeeper – The ATO has advised that Enrolments opened today and have provided more detail on the process and payment in arrears.
  • Updated information on Temporary Visa Holders and assistance measures from the Department of Home Affairs.

Update on JobKeeper Payment Nomination Forms (15 April 2020)

Following our Member Alert yesterday, please note that the ATO has now sent the required nomination forms to those hotels that have registered.

In response to the queries we have received on the ability to back pay employees, both the Rules and the ATO advice are very clear. This is the transitional rule referenced in our Member Alert.

Further Clarification on the JobKeeper Payment (14 April 2020) 

This resource includes:

  • Further clarification around JobKeeper payments and how they apply. We are still obtaining more advice on a couple of areas such as ability to backpay for the first month and State and Territory legislation relating to payroll tax and workers compensation premiums. 
  • Further clarity around Amendments to the Fair Work Act.
  • More information on Compliance and Penalties. 

Update on JobKeeper and Fair Work Act (09 April 2020)   

Please find attached the Accommodation Association's update on:

  1. JobKeeper. The $130 billion JobKeeper Wage Recovery package legislation was passed late last night. Please find attached a summary of the key provisions in the package and the implications for your business. Please also find further clarification on some of your key questions.
  2. Fair Work Act. A summary of key amendments to the Fair Work Act required to enact the $130 billion JobKeeper package. A further Member Alert will be available next week to provide more details on the changes

Member Alert - Mandatory Tenancy Code and Support for Visa Holders (7 April 2020)

This resource contains details on the following:

  • Mandatory Tenancy Code, inclusive of a copy of the new Code;
  • Updated fact sheets on the JobKeeper payment, inclusive of FAQs;
  • Support measures announced for temporary visa holders, inclusive:
    • Access to super for temporary visa holders and international students
    • Visa extensions for seasonal workers and working holiday makers
  • ACCC updated Guidelines on cancellations and refunds for small business

Summary of Business Support and Wage Subsidy Measures (04 April 2020)

This resource contains details on the following:

  • Mandatory code for Commercial Tenancies will contain rental waivers
  • New measures for Working Holiday Makers
  • Boosting CashFlow for Employers measure 
  • Updates on the JobKeeper payment and
  • Frequently asked questions on the JobKeeper payment

Government announcement of $130 billion wage subsidy over 6 months (30 March 2020)

This resource contains details on the following:

  • Summary of key measures
  • Transcript of the Prime Minister's speech
  • Fact sheet on the measures with more detail around the subsidy and how it applies
  • A copy of our media release

Summary on self isolation in hotels and advice and clarity on stage 2 restrictions (27 March)

This resource contains details on the following:

  • Prime Minister’s announcement today on mandatory self-isolation in hotels for 14 days for those returning overseas from midnight on Saturday, 28 March,2020
  • Advice on the Stage 2 Restrictions;
  • Clarity on the Hotels, hostels, bed and breakfast, campsites, caravan parks and boarding houses decision and the results for each state and territory following the PM announcement on the 24 March;
  • Clarity on Interstate Travel restrictions.

Income Support and IR Advice (26 March 2020)

This resource contains details on the following:

  • Increased and accelerated income support
  • Frequently Asked Questions updated advice
  • Updated advice on Mutual Obligations
  • Information on Early Access to Super
  • Stand down provisions and template

Temporary changes to the Hospitality Industry General Award (24 March 2020)

The Fair Work Commission has announced a temporary variation to the Hospitality Industry General Award.

Members can read more on these changes here.

Stage One Self Isolation Measures (23 March 2020)

This resource contains details on the following:

  • Stage one self isolation measures announced by the Federal Government inclusive of exclusions
  • A state update on the shut down of non-essential services
  • Frequently asked questions

Government's Second Economic Support Package Announced (22 March 2020)

This resource contains details on the following:

  • Information on NSW and VIC's shutdown of all non-essential travel
  • SA and WA strengthened border controls
  • Measures for businesses including
    • Wage subsidy for small and medium businesses to save jobs
    • Guarantee on loans to small and medium businesses
  • Measures for workers including
    • Income support for individuals
    • $1.2 billion to release superannuation.

Summary Update on COVID-19 Border Restrictions and Stimulus Measures (20 March 2020)

This resource includes details on:

  • Border restrictions for Australia and Tasmania
  • Update Advice from Federal Government - further restrictions on meetings from 20 March
  • Stimulus packages from State Governments
  • Updated health fact sheet for hotel staff and guests

Summary excerpt from Prime Minister’s speech today on new COVID-19 measures

The National Cabinet has accepted the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) advice that non-essential indoor gatherings of greater than 100 people (including staff) will no longer be permitted from Wednesday 18 March 2020. 

  • An indoor gathering refers to a gathering within a single enclosed area (i.e. an area, room or premises that is or are substantially enclosed by a roof and walls, regardless of whether the roof or walls or any part of them are permanent, temporary, open or closed). 
  • This does not apply to essential activities such as public transportation facilities, medical and health care facilities, pharmacies, emergency service facilities, correctional facilities, youth justice centres or other places of custody, courts or tribunals, Parliaments, food markets, supermarkets and grocery stores, shopping centres, office buildings, factories, construction sites, and mining sites, where it is necessary for their normal operation (although other social distancing and hygiene practices may be required in these settings).  

This will be considered at the next National Cabinet meeting on Friday 20 March 2020. 

In the meantime these venues should continue to apply social distancing and hygiene practices. 

  • This includes being able to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres between patrons.  
  • Hand hygiene products and suitable waste receptacles need to be available, with frequent cleaning and waste disposal.

Please note that the PM in his address referred to an exemption for hotels. This refers to the accommodation itself with each room treated as a venue.  However, the advice on indoor gatherings of 100 people or more in a meeting room, continues to apply.

  • Settings like gyms, indoor fitness centres and swimming pools are not required to close at this time providing they meet these requirements for social distancing and hand hygiene. Such venues should take actions to ensure regular high standards of environmental cleaning take place.

The National Cabinet will further consider social distancing arrangements for domestic transport at its next meeting on Friday 20 March 2020.  In all cases, appropriate social distancing and hygiene practices should be applied.

Level 4 Travel restrictions - Do Not Travel
The National Security Committee of Cabinet has decided to raise the advice for all overseas travel to the highest level. Our advice to all Australians - regardless of your destination, age or health - is do not travel overseas at this time.  
We also now advise Australians who are overseas who wish to return to Australia, to do so as soon as possible by commercial means. Commercial options may quickly become limited. 

Anyone arriving in Australia from overseas, including Australians citizens and permanent residents, will be required to self-isolate for 14 days from the date of arrival.  

Tourism Australia cancels ATE
Following the announcement on public gatherings of 100 people or more, Tourism Australia has made the decision to cancel ATE20.  Tourism Australia has developed a document outlining frequently asked questions (FAQs) which will arise from this closure. 
As per the Terms and Conditions, a full refund of all registration fees to buyer and seller delegates will be provided.

Airline Updates
The Virgin Australia Group has today announced a temporary suspension of international services and further cuts to domestic capacity in response to expanded government travel restrictions and increased impacts from COVID-19 on travel demand. 

International changes

  • Temporary suspension of all international services from 30 March to 14 June 2020 inclusive;
  • Melbourne to Los Aneles services suspended from 20 March;
  • Inaugural Brisbane to Haneda service, postponed from 29 March;
  • Inaugural Melbourne to Denpasar service, postponed from 29 March.

Domestic changes

  • Virgin Australia Group will reduce domestic capacity by around 50 per cent until 14 June 2020. The route and schedule detail will be published over the next week.
  • Qantas Group announced yesterday that 
    • Total Group International capacity will be cut by around 90 per cent until at least the end of May 2020. This is up from a 23 per cent reduction for the fourth quarter of FY20 announced last week and largely reflects the demand impact of severe quarantine requirements on people’s ability to travel overseas. 
    • Total Group Domestic capacity will be cut by around 60 per cent until at least the end of May 2020. This is a major increase from the 5 per cent reduction for the fourth quarter of FY20 and reflects a rapid decline in forward travel demand due to government containment measures, corporate travel bans and a general pullback from everyday activities across the community. This represents the grounding of around 150 aircraft, including almost all of the Group’s wide-body fleet. 

Previously announced cuts in place from end-May through to mid- September remain in place and are likely to be increased, depending on demand. The route-by-route detail of these changes across Qantas and Jetstar is currently being worked through and will be announced in coming days.

Cruise Updates
Cruise lines are currently in the process of returning all ships to port to ensure their guests can safely and quickly return home. 

Please find the Advice for Cruise Passengers issued to passengers on international ships who have been to an international port within 14 days of arriving back in Australia.

The 14-day self-isolation period commenced the day their cruise ship departed from the last international port before heading to Australia.

As an example, if their cruise ship has travelled for 8 days since the last port of departure before arriving in Australia, the self-isolation period will be for the remaining six days. 

Passengers may travel to the airport for connecting domestic flights or overseas flights. If they are not travelling directly to the airport they must self-isolate at their hotel or other accommodation until they travel to the airport.  

Advice on event and travel cancellations due to COVID-19
The ACCC has issued advice for consumers and businesses on their rights and obligations if events, flights or travel services are cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), or if people wish to cancel their travel plans.  Please refer to this link for the advice.  

If events, flights or other travel services such as cruises are cancelled, the ACCC expects refunds or other remedy such as a credit note or voucher will be offered in most circumstances.  However, if the event, flight or travel service is cancelled due to government restrictions, consumer rights under the consumer guarantees may be impacted. In these situations consumers may be entitled to a refund under the terms and conditions of their ticket, or potentially may make a claim under a travel insurance policy. 

FAQ from members.  Have I a right to refuse to accept guests who are self-isolating?
Ultimately hotels have a contract with their guests which includes terms and conditions. These may vary however hotels will always have a duty of care to all their guests inclusive of those who are self-isolating.  

The requirement for self-isolation means that the property needs to have procedures set up for delivery of food; ability to send out laundry in separate bags to bio hazard specialists; ability to leave the room empty for 24 hours after the guest leaves, to enable cleaning etc.

If the hotel feels that they can’t adequately look after the guest because of the above and because the size of the hotel and rooms means that the guest contact with other guests is inevitable over a 14 day period, then the hotel has a duty of care to assist the guest to find adequate accommodation for the period they need to self-isolate. Obviously, no fees would apply.

Update from the Accommodation Association

The Accommodation Association has been providing support for all of our members and stakeholders and we have been in active communication with our political leaders on the need for immediate action to support your businesses, employees and guests in light of the COVID-19 outbreak. It is clear now that the conditions we face are the most difficult anyone in our sector has seen and the need for government support and intervention is essential.

While we continue to advocate for direct stimulus support from Government, we have had to make changes to how we delivery one of our primary membership services. As you would be aware, the Accommodation Association has recently increased the number of events that provide meaningful insights and networking opportunities to our members, partners and political leaders.

However, we now must ensure we follow the advice of the Australian Government and health authorities and as such, we will postponing all our in person events until June. We are working with our members and partners to reschedule a wide range of events for later this year and will re-issue all invitations to members once new dates are confirmed

As part of our response to support our members, we do have easy to access information on COVID-19 on our website including factsheets on IR, isolation procedures and information for staff on how to handle guests who wish to isolate. Should you require any assistance through this time, the Accommodation Association team is here to help. You can contact us via phone (1300 304 397) or via

Government Activates Self Isolation

The Accommodation Association's advice summary on the Government's activation of the second stage of the Health Sector Emergency Response Plan for Novel Coronavirus and the implications for hotels. 

This activation involves the requirement for all citizens, residents or visitors to self-isolate for 14 days, for the cancellation of events/meetings with over 500 attendees and a 30 day suspension of cruise ship arrivals.

This resource contains details on the following:

  1. Coronavirus measures endorsed by the National Cabinet
  2. Public health Emergency Announcements
  3. Implications for Hotels and Guests
  4. Other frequently asked questions

Members can view the advice summary here.

Corona Virus Factsheet

The Accommodation Association has released a factsheet on the corona virus, with comprehensive updated information that seeks to respond to the many questions we have received.

This resource contains details on the following:

  1. Latest update from WHO and from Department of Health on travel restrictions and key actions;
  2. Link to the government stimulus package details summarised in our Member Alert yesterday;
  3. Advice on Occupational Health & Safety inclusive of protocols;
  4. Advice on the Industrial Relations response developed in conjunction with HFW Australia and the Accommodation Association. Please note, this also provides specific information on treatment of leave for permanent and casual employees.

Members can access the factsheet via this link.

Advice on cleaning for employees

This factsheet provides detailed advice on the clearning process and protections that should be in place for cleaning employees. 

Bans on gatherings above 500 people

The Australian Government has announced from 16 March 2020 that all gatherings of 500 people of more should not proceed. 

Fines now apply for event organiser and vary between states. 

Impact on the Australian tourism industry

The Australian tourism industry is primarily a domestic sector with over 74% of all tourism spending being done so by Australians in Australia. To date domestic travel has softened but is still stable. 

From an international perspective, the Australian tourism industry is being greatly impacted by the disruption of visitors from all source markets and the closure of the Boarder with China and South Korea. Since January 2020 international tourism numbers have decreased by an estimated 19.1% or by 250,000 arrivals. The majority of these visitors are international students from China. 

Travel bans are now in force for Iran, South Korea and Italy and if additional bans are put in place there will be added impact on the Australian tourism industry and our employees. 

Review of the Travel Bans

As of 15 March 2020 all interational arrivals into Australia must now self quaatine for a period of 14 days. 

The Accommodation Assoicaiton has developed a factsheet on what is the correct process to manage guest and best practice cleaning and has been provided to members.

Review of the Travel Bans

The Australian Government has advised that there is no current date to lift any of the established travel bans.

This excludes Australian citizens and permanent residents and their immediate family members (spouses, legal guardians or dependants only). This exemption will be extended to airline crews who have been using appropriate personal protective equipment. 

Each ban is reviewed weekly on Thursday  following the meeting of the Commonwealth Government's National Security Committee of Cabinet.

Impact on tourism to and from Australia from China

On 1 February 2020 the Australian Government announced that all visitors arriving from mainland China will not be allowed to enter Australia for 14 days, from the time they have left or transited through mainland China.

Previously on 28 January 2020 China’s National Immigration Administration advised Chinese citizens to postpone all “non-essential” overseas travel. We will provide more information when it comes to hand, but our initial understanding is that this is an advice rather than an outright ban.

This is in addition to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism notice for all tourism operators to suspend group tours and tour packages (domestic and international) effective 27 January until further notice. 

Visitors coming to Australia through the Approved Destination Scheme (ADS) currently make up 24% of total visitors and those members who are directly impacted by this decision should make contact with the Association.

The Association developed a factsheet to help you understand the announcement by the Federal Government on 1 February 2020 to limit the arrivals of visitors from mainland China.

Impact on tourism to and from Australia from Italy

On 11 March 2020 the Australian Government announced that all visitors arriving from Italy after 18:00 will not be allowed to enter Australia for 14 days, from the time they have left or transited through Italy.

Impact on tourism to and from Australia from Iran

Australia does not have direct air travel from Iran, the Australian Government has announced that all visitors arriving from Iran will not be allowed to enter Australia for 14 days, from the time they have left or transited through Iran. 

Impact on cruise services to Australia

On 14 March Carnival Cruise lines announced all Australian cruise operations are cancelled from 14 March 2020 until 12 April 2020. Affected customers will be offered a choice between a full refund or a credit for future use equal to twice what they paid for their voyage.

On 4 March 2020, CLIA ocean-going member cruise lines agreed to adopt further enhanced screening measures intended to address the industry’s exposure to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. As follows:

  • CLIA Members are to deny boarding to all persons who have travelled from, visited or transited via airports in China, including Hong Kong and Macau, South Korea, Iran and Italy within 14 days before embarkation. 
  • CLIA Members are to deny boarding to all persons who, within 14 days before embarkation, have had close contact with, or helped care for, anyone suspected or diagnosed as having Coronavirus, or who is currently subject to health monitoring for possible exposure to Novel Coronavirus.  
  • CLIA Members are to conduct pre-boarding screening neccessary to effectuate the prevention measures.

How to prevent the virus spreading - Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC)

While the evidence for pre-symptomatic transmission is currently limited, AHPPC has advised a highly precautionary approach and released the following new recommendations:

  • People who have been in contact with any confirmed novel coronavirus cases must be isolated in their home for 14 days following exposure; 
  • Returned travellers who have been in China, South Korea and Iran must be isolated in their home for 14 days after departing that destination, other than for seeking individual medical care.