Pre Employment / Employment Solution Programs

The Accommodation Association is  the industry lead in training job seekers to give them the skills and opportunities to gain employment in our sector. The Federal Government have recently announced they predict 123,000 shortfall in skilled staff if we don't invest in our pre employment pathways.

The Accommodation Association is working closely with the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Small Business, Job Active providers and key Registered Training Providers to promote job seekers to undertake training to give them necessary skills. A major component of the program is work experience / placement.

The Accommodation Association has partnered with key members and industry partners to provide successful outcomes for the students and industry. Visit: Good News Stories.

The program consists of the following –

  • The Accommodation Association work with Job Active providers to pre-screen job seekers wishing to gain employment in our sector
  • Key skill set training, as consulted with and driven by industry, delivered to students
  • 2 - 4* week internships with host members for students to gain on the job skills and give employers opportunities to assess the student’s skills prior to offering employment

Benefits to members –

  • No wages payable for Internships (20 hours per week over 2 - 4* weeks)
  • All insurances are covered
  •  $1,000 per work placement student paid to Host Employers once internship has commenced
  • Upon paid employment confirmation, possible wage subsidy paid to employers by Job Active Providers – this amount can vary from employee to employee
  • If the intern is successful in gaining employment wage subsidies of up to $10,000 apply

Contact the team for more information on our programs and how you can come a host employer:

Accommodation Association
Phone – 1300 304 397
Email –

(* dependant on the type of internship undertaken)

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