Media Releases 

2021 Media Releases

November 2021

11 November 2021 - Accommodation Association launches major initiatives to combat skills shortage

With job vacancies in the hospitality sector set to top 100,000, peak industry body, the Accommodation Association’s ongoing practical partnership with Government will greatly assist in combating the skills shortage in this core economic sector for the nation.

October 2021

15 October 2021 - Accommodation Association applauds NSW Government's practical support measures

The NSW Government deserves applause for its ongoing practical support measures, including this week’s announcement of a $66 Million Alfresco Restart Package and extension of the Dine and Discover voucher scheme.
Peak industry body, the Accommodation Association, said tangible measures which encourage people to get out and enjoy themselves and which recognise that the sector needs to operate differently to offset the ongoing COVID-constrained capacity are very welcome. 

15 October 2021 - Re-opening of NSW to the world
The NSW Government’s decision to end quarantine requirements for new and returning fully vaccinated travellers is very welcome news that allows hotels that have stepped up to protect the community to once again return to their primary function – providing great hospitality to travellers.

12 October 2021 - ACT Government Outdoor Activation Taskforce very welcome news

Peak industry body the Accommodation Association welcomes the announcement of the ACT Government Outdoor Activation Taskforce to support businesses in better accessing nearby public outdoor spaces once lockdown ends.

September 2021

09 September 2021 - NSW Roadmap to Freedom very welcome news
Peak industry body the Accommodation Association today thanked the NSW Government for unveiling its Roadmap to Freedom for the fully vaccinated, especially given the important lead-in timeframe which will allow hotels and motels to properly prepare.

August 2021

06 August 2021 - Accommodation Association welcomes Victorian Government rent relief scheme
Peak industry body, the Accommodation Association, today welcomed the Victorian Government Commercial Tenancy Relief Scheme (CTRS), and encouraged all States and Territories to provide similar support.

July 2021

28 July 2021 - Re-opening of Victoria welcome but support for Melbourne is key
Peak industry body, the Accommodation Association, has welcomed the easing of restrictions in Victoria however warned that additional, ongoing support for Melbourne hotels is urgently required.

15 July 2021 - Accommodation Association Pathway Partnership receives $1.1 million in funding over 12 months
Peak industry body, the Accommodation Association, today thanked the Federal Government for funding the Accommodation Association Pathway Partnership, providing $1.1 million over a year.

2 July 2021 - Federal Government Support Welcome
Peak industry body, the Accommodation Association, today applauded National Cabinet’s four phase pathway out of the pandemic.

June 2021

22 June 2021 - Visa News for Chefs a bright light
Today’s news of the addition of chefs to the Priority Skilled Migration Occupation List is a welcomed bright light in an otherwise bleak time for the accommodation sector.  

04 June 2021 - Important role of hotels in supporting quarantine program
Peak industry body, the Accommodation Association today said the important frontline role of hotels and hotel teams which voluntarily support returning Australians through the Hotel Quarantine Program deserves greater recognition.

04 June 2021 - Federal Government Support Welcome
Peak industry body, the Accommodation Association, today welcomed the Federal Government’s temporary COVID disaster payment and added a call to loosen the eligibility criteria so that all workers severely impacted by lockdowns are supported.

03 June 2021 - TradeSquare Partners with the Accommodation Association
TradeSquare has partnered with the Accommodation Association to support the local accommodation sector in sourcing products. The partnership between the Accommodation Association and TradeSquare will make it easier for those in the accommodation industry to source supplies and products for their business.

May 2021

28 May 2021 - Accommodation Association welcomes Minor Hotels
The Accommodation Association is pleased to welcome Minor Hotels as a member. The addition further strengthens the Accommodation Association’s sector coverage given Minor Hotels national footprint of over 60 hotels.

10 May 2021 - Accommodation Association welcomes Government support for Student Visas
The Accommodation Association today welcomes the timely announcement from the Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs, the Hon Alex Hawke, that the Morrison Government will remove existing work hour caps for Student Visa holders employed in the tourism and hospitality sector.

05 May 2021 - Evolution to a unified, merged body progresses
Progress continues to be made towards a unified, single voice for Accommodation in Australia through the proposed merger of the Australian Hotel Association/Tourism Accommodation Australia and the Accommodation Association.

02 May 2021 - COVID-19 costs Vic hotels $1.7bn in room revenue alone
COVID-19 cost the Victorian Tourism Accommodation Sector $1.7 Billion in room revenue alone for the year ending February 2021 with recovery to take at least four years according to modelling conducted by AHS Advisory.

April 2021

09 April 2021 - Victorian Government’s business events incentive a step towards state tourism recovery
The Victorian Government has announced support packages of up to $25,000 for business events incentives in Melbourne, providing a desperately needed bookings boost for struggling CBD hotels and accommodation providers.

06 April 2021 - Trans-Tasman bubble benefit still a way off for Tourism
Peak industry body, the Accommodation Association says while the opening of the trans-Tasman bubble is a very welcome step in the right direction, the reality is that there will  be very little real benefit for Australia’s Tourism sector in the short term.

March 2021

29 March 2021 - Hotel leaders join in call for redirected Federal Support
Peak industry bodies, the Accommodation Association and Tourism Accommodation Australia and the leaders of Australia’s hotel networks have united in a plea to the Morrison Government to redirect $270 million in COVID support to save jobs in the devastated Sydney and Melbourne markets.

11 March 2021 - Tourism Support Package leaves Sydney, Melbourne for dead
While the Federal Government’s tourism and aviation recovery program will support many tourism regions which were hard hit by bushfires and then the subsequent shut downs, unfortunately the package does not support our two major international gateways of Sydney and Melbourne

09 March 2021 - Cairns Holidays Dollars initiative needs to be extended to Accommodation
Peak Industry body, the Accommodation Association welcomes the Queensland Government – Tourism Tropical North Queensland Cairns Holiday Dollars initiative but warns it must be extended to the accommodation sector.

February 2021

21 February 2021 - Victorian Government support measures very welcome
Peak Industry body, the Accommodation Association says the Victorian Government support measures announced today will provide much needed relief for hotels, motels and accommodation providers hit hard by the state’s COVID restrictions, snap shutdowns and border closures.

January 2021

18 January 2021 - Accommodation Association welcomes NSW Government’s 2030 NSW Visitor Economy Industry Strategy
Peak Industry body, the Accommodation Association welcomes the publication of NSW Government’s 2030 NSW Visitor Economy Industry Strategy which recognises the importance of mobilising government funding and support for the visitor economy.


2020 Media Releases

December 2020

The Victorian Government has announced a new program of Hotel Quarantine, which is a positive step forward to protecting the community.

November 2020

The Accommodation Association has welcomed news that the Queensland Government is set to reopen the border to Greater Sydney residents from December 1. 

Peak industry body, the Accommodation Association, welcomed NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s announcement on the re-opening of the border between NSW and Victoria on November 23rd. 

October 2020

30 October 2020 - Accommodation Association calls on Queensland state election victor to reopen borders

30 October 2020 – Peak industry body, The Accommodation Association, today stated it is vital that whoever wins tomorrow’s election opens the QLD borders as quickly as possible.

27 October 2020 - Code of Conduct, strengthened regulation and registration system for short-term rental very welcome

With the NSW accommodation sector having faced eight consecutive months of revenue declines of 70-80%, the NSW Government decision to level out the playing field with the introduction of tougher regulation of short-term rental accommodation is most welcome.

27 October 2020 - Melbourne and Victoria's hotels and accommodation providers are ready to welcome guests

With many Victorian hotels struggling with just 11 weeks of trading this year due to COVID and bushfires, peak industry body the Accommodation Association is calling for two urgent measures: 1) For Victorians to embrace freedom with a celebratory short break 2) For Government to increase the 10 person inside-room cap

26 October 2020 - Accommodation Association disappointed with delays in Victoria reopening

Peak industry body, the Accommodation Association is disappointed that the Victorian Government has deviated from its outlined Roadmap and, given today’s numbers, must not delay the state’s reopening any longer

21 October 2020 - Accommodation Association calls for adoption of Victorian tourism industry's platform to reopen

Peak industry body, the Accommodation Association is calling for the adoption of measures outlined by leading representatives of Victoria’s tourism Industry in a proposal to reopen the state’s visitor economy using safe and staged processes that have worked in other states.

07 October 2020 - Budget Reaction - Confidence, Cashflow injections, Carry Forwards, good news

Peak Industry body, the Accommodation Association said the Federal Budget is a good budget, providing critical cash flow injections including via the Loss Carry Forward provisions and delivering a welcome $30 million to the Building Better Regions Fund to take it to $100 million.

02 October 2020 - QLD decision to reopen borders to NSW "most welcome"

Peak Industry body, the Accommodation Association today welcomed QLD Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s decision to open borders to all of NSW from 1 November.

September 2020 

13 September 2020 - Victorian Government support a step in the right direction

Peak Industry body, the Accommodation Association welcomes the Victorian Government’s announcement of a $3 billion support package of cash grants, tax relief and cashflow support as a much needed step in the right direction. 

08 September 2020 - Talks underway for one voice for Accommodation sector 

Negotiations are underway to create one united voice for the accommodation industry nationwide.

06 September 2020 - Victorian roadmap is a highway to hell for Australia's accommodations sector

The Accommodation Association today warned the Victorian roadmap is a road to business closures and economic ruin. The Association said it was looking forward to working more collaboratively with the Victorian Government in order to strike a better balance.

August 2020

28 August 2020 - Dear Government, can we have some consultation please

Today’s announcement by the Queensland Government that it is cancelling Schoolies, which is in almost three months time, is yet another example of a missed opportunity to get the balance right between protecting lives and protecting jobs.

7 August 2020 - Thank You Prime Minister for acknowledging the work of Australia’s hotel workers

The Accommodation Association, the industry’s peak body, said the comments from the Prime Minister and Ms Halton were welcome recognition of the hotel staff who have helped carry the frontline burden of COVID-19. 

6 August 2020 - March slump in job losses just the heartbreaking start for Accommodation Sector 

Confirmation that Australia’s accommodation sector is the hardest hit is just the start of a very rocky patch for those working our hotels, motels and serviced apartments and highlights the critical need for tailored Government support. 

5 August 2020 - Accommodation Association disappointed with QLD Border closure to NSW and ACT

It is absolutely critical that we get the balance right between protecting lives and protecting jobs. The flow-on ramifications of slamming shut borders are huge. This decision not only costs Queensland lost revenue from tourism but the reverse applies back into New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. 

July 2020

21 July 2020 - Australia’s hotels, motels and accommodation providers today applauded the extension of JobKeeper but say additional support is critical to keep the tourism sector alive

The extension of JobKeeper through to March 2021 is what our sector has been asking for and is very welcome news. The policy settings around the realignment of JobKeeper with JobSeeker are right in terms of incentivising people to work while providing the economic lifeline to keep businesses afloat as we learn to live with COVID.

20 July 2020 - Australia's hotels, motels and accommodation providers plead for government support

Australia’s hotels, motels and accommodation providers have stepped up their plea for government to extend JobKeeper, the Rental Mandatory Code of Conduct and banking relief measures until March 2021 with a series of full page ads.

6 July 2020 - VIC-NSW Border closure highlights seriousness of challenge

Today’s decision to close the NSW-Victoria border highlights the seriousness of the challenge in containing COVID-19. The Accommodation Association, the industry’s peak body, said the joint decision between Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Prime Minister Scott Morrison to shut the border from midnight tomorrow was disappointing but understandable

2 July 2020 - Department not hotels responsible for quarantine approach

The Victorian Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions is responsible for the management of hotels being used for quarantine purposes not the individual hotel operator. Where hotels are being used for the quarantining of international travellers, management has been turned over to the Department. The Department runs every aspect of these hotels.

June 2020

15 June 2020 - Local Government calls for bed tax a death knell for tourism

With the tourism accommodation sector already on its knees, Local Government calls in Queensland for a bed tax is a direct attack on more than 50,000 people reliant on the accommodation sector to survive

JobKeeper must be extended to at least March 2021 in order to keep jobs and businesses alive in Australia’s accommodation sector, a critical part of the Australian tourism industry


May 2020

22 May 2020 - Increasing Restaurant and Café capacity marks next stage of Recovery in NSW

The accommodation industry welcomes the announcement by the NSW Government today that restaurants and cafes can open their doors to fifty people from 1 June 2020.


April 2020

24 April 2020 - JobKeeper should not be a cash grab for the states

The tourism accommodation sector is calling on all state and territory governments to remove additional taxes and charges on JobKeeper payments, to ensure that businesses can retain their connection with close to 100,000 employees in the sector.

15 April 2020 - NSW Government further steps towards Short Term Rental regulatory reform welcomed

The Accommodation Association welcomes the NSW Government announcement that from 10 April, strata schemes will be able to adopt by-laws that prohibit short-term rentals, where the lot is not the host’s principal place of residence.

8 April 2020 - Tourism accommodation industry steps up to assist Health Workers

The Accommodation Association welcomes the initiatives by the NSW, Victoria, South Australian and Queensland governments to offer free accommodation for health workers who have tested positive or need to self-isolate for 14 days.


March 2020

30 March 2020 - Wage subsidy provides protection for jobs in the tourism accommodation sector

The Accommodation Association has strong endorsed the $1500 per fortnight wage subsidy announced today. “This wage subsidy provides essential support for employers as they seek to retain jobs and ensure their businesses are operational once Australia emerges from this pandemic”, said, Dean Long, CEO. “In particular, we welcome the application to all employees and business, irrespective of turnover. The key criteria is loss of turnover.”

23 March 2020 - Stimulus Package Fails to recognise tourism demands has stopped

The Australian Government stimulus announced yesterday together with the cancellation of non-essential travel and enforced government structural changes, has effectively eliminated over 90% of tourism accommodation demand. "The harsh reality is that consecutive announcements - closure of borders, grounding of flights and cruise ships, self-isolation and now cancellation of non-essential travel together with closure of restaurants and bars- while necessary for health reasons, have killed all demand," said Dean Long, CEO Accommodation Association. "Hotels Australia-wide are reporting occupancies of below 10% and are now looking to close their doors" said Dean Long, CEO, Accommodation Association.

20 March 2020 - 300,000 Tourism Jobs to Go - Industry calls on Government to act

The devastated Australian tourism industry is now facing massive job losses and a very bleak future without significant government support to retain as many workers as possible.

February  2020

17 February 2020 - Cairns Bed Tax Proposal Flawed Logic

The Tourism and Accommodation Industry does not support the proposal to implement a bed tax in Cairns

13 February 2020 - WA Government Short Term Rental response acknowledges need for urgent reform

Following submissions and discussions with the WA Parliament and Government, we now have a direction for solving this issue

8 February 2020 - $10 Million NSW Campaign package recognises NSW Open for Business

The launch today of the ‘Event here this year’ campaign recognises the importance of a competitive and sustainable business events industry for Australia.

January 2020 

28 January 2020 - Accommodation industry welcomes campaign to 'Event here this year'

The Accommodation Association welcomes the Tourism Australia campaign to support business events in Australia for 2020

21 January 2020 - Trivago decision reinforces importance of booking direct

The Accommodation Association welcomed the Federal Court decision today, finding Trivago had made misleading representations about hotel room rates. 

19 January 2020 - $76 Million Tourism Package recognizes Australia open for Business 

The Accommodation Association welcomes the Prime Minister and Tourism Minister’s joint announcement of a $76 million Tourism package in response to the bushfire crisis

16 January 2020 - Opportunity to revitalise Sydney’s Night-Time Economy 

The positioning of Sydney as a safe and vibrant global destination is increasingly important with international tourism impacted by the global media reporting on the bushfires

2019 Media Releases

December 2019 

10 December 2019 - Accommodation Association outlines industry employment agenda 

Labour and skills shortages remain an ongoing challenge for the tourism accommodation sector with the significant growth in supply not matched by local intake and further exacerbated by increasing restrictions on skilled migration. 

November 2019 

28 November 2019 - Government response first step in restoring confidence in Night-Time Economy

The government response to the recommendations of the Joint Select Committee on Sydney's NightTime Economy is an important first step, recognising the need for a wholistic range of measures if Sydney is to develop a safe and vibrant night-time economy

28 November 2019 - QLD Government part-day holiday announcement highlights unlevel playing field 

The Accommodation Association is disappointed at the Queensland government decision to day to award a part-public holiday on Christmas Eve. 

21 November 2019 - Queensland Government support for hotel development welcomed 

The Accommodation Association welcomes the Queensland Government’s announcement today that they would begin direct negotiations with The Star to fast track new tourism infrastructure on the Gold Coast. 

08 November 2019 - The release of the Accommodation Monitor highlights challenges for the tourism accommodation sector 

The release today of the annual Australian Accommodation Monitor (AAM) for the Financial year, highlights key challenges across the regulated tourism accommodation sector with a softening of performance across all capital cities.

October 2019 

28 October 2019 - Economic report highlights Accommodation Sector major beneficiary of Cruising 

The Economic Impact Assessment report released today by Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) and the Australian Cruise Association (ACA) reinforces the economic importance of the cruise industry in Australia.

10 October 2019 - Domestic market sustaining Accommodation Performance 

The Accommodation Association welcomes the continued strong growth in domestic visitation and visitor nights in Australia with 12% growth in capital city visitor nights and 5.6% growth in regional visitor nights.

September 2019 

30 September 2019 - First stage in reinvigorating Sydney’s Night-Time Economy 

The Accommodation Association (AAoA) welcomes the comprehensive recommendations of the Joint Select Committee on Sydney's Night Time Economy, that recognises the need for a wholistic range of measures if Sydney is to develop a safe and vibrant night-time economy. 

26 September 2019 - WA Parliamentary report on Short Stay Accommodation a good first step 

The Accommodation Association (AAoA) welcomes the release of the WA Economics and Industry Standing Committee final report into short term rental accommodation. The report clearly recognises and highlights the regulatory imbalance the currently exists between short term accommodation and short term rental accommodation. 

17 September 2019 - Schwartz signs all of group’s hotels to the Accommodation Association 

The Schwartz Family Company has signed its extensive portfolio of hotels to the Accommodation Association of Australia (AAoA), in recognition of the need for a united voice for the Accommodation industry. 

17 September 2019 - Accommodation Association supports Third Cruise Terminal for Sydney 

The NSW Government announcement today that the market engagement process has commenced on a third cruise terminal for Sydney is strongly welcomed by the NSW accommodation industry

13 September 2019 - AAoA welcomes Phillipa Harrison’s appointment as Tourism Australia Managing Director 

The Accommodation Association of Australia (AAoA) has welcomed the appointment of Phillipa Harrison as the new Managing Director of Tourism Australia.

06 September 2019 - Tourism a major contributor to Australian Economic growth

The Tourism Forecasts 2019 Report released by the Federal Government today points to the significant contribution made by tourism to the Australian economy and the importance of accommodation  investment in underpinning that growth.

August 2019

14 August 2019 - AAoA welcomes continued consultation on NSW short-term letting

The Accommodation Association of Australia welcomes the release of the NSW Government’s draft regulations to tackle the issues of unregulated short-term accommodation in the State

09 August 2019 -  Sydney visitors deserve a vibrant night-time economy

The Accommodation Association addressed the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into the Night-Time Economy today and reinforced our support for a revitalised, vibrant night-time economy, that ensures the safety, security and amenity for visitors to Sydney

June 2019 

03 June 2019 - The year of growth for the Accommodation Association of Australia 

Heidi Kunkel, Vice President of Operations, Australasia at Hilton has elected to join the National Board of the Accommodation Association of Australia (AAoA).

May 2019

30 May 2019 - Further Expansion of Leadership for the AAoA

Accommodation Association of Australia (AAoA) has appointed industry leader Ms Carol Giuseppi to the newly formed role of General Manager of National Operations/NSW.

22 May 2019 - New Leadership for the AAoA

AAoA President Julian Clark, today announced the appointment of the new Chief Executive Officer, Mr Dean Long to replace the outgoing CEO Mr Richard Munro

April 2019 

10 April 2019 - Accommodation Association Strengthens its Leadership

The Accommodation Association of Australia has announced a bolstering of its leadership ranks with the addition of Ms Leanne Harwood, Managing Director, Australasia & Japan InterContinental Hotels Group.

08 April 2019 - AAoA officially launches the National Advisory Board for Employment 

The NABE was officially launched at a prestigious event on the 4th of April at the renowned Sofitel On Collins, Melbourne. The launch was hosted by the AAoA CEO Richard Munro and AAoA President Julian Clark, with speakers including Lord Mayor Sally Capp, Louise Staley MP and David Mansfield 


Accommodation Association of Australia (AAoA) Chief Executive Officer, Richard Munro has tendered his resignation to pursue new opportunities , after eight years at the AAoA.

03 April 2019 - Tax cuts will deliver wage growth and create consumer demand for domestic tourism

Following on from yesterdays release of the 2019 Federal Budget, we welcome the Treasurer Josh Frydenberg MP budget statements on delivering both tax cuts and lifting the tax thresholds, ensuring more Australians have additional discretionary funds to spend.

March 2019

12 March 2019 - Labor to Ban Price Parity Clauses Between Online Travel Agencies and Accommodation Providers

Today's announcement by the Australian Labor Party is a breakthrough for our industry and consumers and is welcome news to the Accommodation Association of Australia (AAoA) who have been lobbying for this outcome for years.