Benchmarking with STR


As the premier source of accommodation performance data, STR provide to you free, bespoke benchmark reports outlining your property's Occupancy, Average Daily Rate (ADR) and Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR) relative to your local market and market class.

Reports are delivered via STR's exciting and intuitive online dSTAR platform on a monthly, weekly and daily basis.

Participation is easy and free

We just need three pieces of information from you:

  • Rooms available
  • Rooms sold
  • Net room revenue

Your data will always remain 100% confidential, individual property data is never disclosed.

Simple and automated options are available to submit your monthly performance.

How do you get started?

Registration is quick and easy.

Get Started

To learn more, please visit or contact STR's Australian team at or Tel +61 2 8091 2009

STR currently works with over 1,600 Australian properties and more than 63,000 globally.

“Team members are always available to help, and all queries are resolved promptly. Our hotel’s performance figures alone cannot clearly tell us how much we are in water. STR takes that blurriness away. It paints the clear picture how we are performing compared to our direct competitors as well as the market we are in. We can then plan ahead with clarity in head.”

Utkrista Mainali, Regional Director

Suite3Sixty, Federal Group, Tasmania